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Pick of the Crop Rainy Day Edition


April 19 – April 25

Prices are way up on a few items such as asparagus, all varieties of lettuce

and cauliflower. The blame is being put on lighter supplies across the board.

Large 50lb bags of carrots are also up in price because the supply out of the

storage facilities is running low. It’s not all bad news as the Ontario grown

green house product such as english cucumbers, 11lb boxes of red and yellow

peppers, flats of cluster tomatoes and hothouse tomatoes are all excellent quality

and prices are cheap. This should continue throughout the spring season.


Asparagus prices are crazy expensive so unless the Queen is coming for dinner

its best to use another green vegetable such as zucchini, broccolini or brussel

sprouts. Prices on all lettuce are up but it’s the green and red leaf lettuce that has

been impacted the most. Cauliflower is also too expensive to use if you don’t absolutely

need it so take advantage of the broccoli crown price. They are a much better value

and they are cheaper than the bunched broccoli as well and you get 100% yield!

Raspberries continue to be expensive so use more black- blue and strawberries.


Broccoli crowns, english cucumbers, radicchio, 11lb boxes of both red and yellow

peppers, snow peas are cheaper than sugar snap peas, cluster and hothouse tomatoes,

green and yellow zucchini. In the fruit section use blackberries, golden and red

delicious apples, kiwi fruit, mangos, golden pineapples and watermelons.



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Pick of the Crop Spring Edition

The new growing areas for leaf lettuce, romaine and romaine hearts are not in full

production yet and the result is a limited supply and higher prices. However iceberg

seems to be ahead of the curve and prices are a bit lower this week. We are seeing a

slow recoveries in the cauliflower and broccoli fields and prices have started to fall.


Rainy weather in Central Mexico has really made it difficult for the lime harvest and

prices have really sky rocketed on all sizes of limes. The rain has also put a damper on the watermelon harvest so you will see higher prices onall watermelons.

Romaine hearts remain cheaper then whole heads of romaine. Broccoli crowns remain

slightly cheaper than regular bunched broccoli, grape tomatoes are cheaper than the

round cherry tomatoes and green zucchini is much cheaper than yellow zucchini.

Limes, raspberries and watermelon prices are all higher this week.


Beets (all colours), broccoli crowns, cabbage, cooking onions, snow peas,22lb boxes

red peppers, romaine hearts, grape tomatoes and rutabagas. In fruit use blackberries, strawberries, clementines and green seedless grapes are fantastic quality, red delicious

apples, golden delicious apples, kiwi, mangos and pineapples.

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