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Newsletter March 24 2019

WHAT’S HAPPENING  : The Ontario greenhouses have started up again. This is a big reason for the very low
        IN PRODUCE             prices on english cucumbers lately. Next up are peppers and tomatoes and you will
                                              notice the cheaper price on the locally grown greenhouse varieties.  Peppers prices
                                              haven’t fallen off so quickly because the field grown varieties are still expensive. The
                                              prices on broccoli, cauliflower and iceberg lettuce are all more expensive this week.
                                              Celery prices are completely out of control and are at the highest ever seen. The reason
                                              for most of these high prices is the weather. The growers have all struggled through
                                              more rain and wind than usual coupled with lower temperatures. The desert regions
                                              are now approaching the end of their season and the transition to the northern region
                                               of California. This switch will bring on a new set of issues for growers.. and us as well.
          WHAT YOU           :  Use celery sparingly. For recipes use celery root where possible as it is much cheaper.
        NEED TO KNOW       Prices on iceberg lettuce have jumped higher so use more romaine and romaine hearts.
          THIS WEEK              Prices on onions are higher as local supplies are finished and the imports from the USA
                                               have a much higher landed cost. Cooking, red and spanish onions have all been affected.
                                               Strawberry prices are higher because the Florida season has come to an end. California
                                               grown strawberries are great quality – just a bit more expensive than we’ve seen lately.      
               YOUR                 :   Asparagus, bunched broccoli is cheaper than broccoli crowns, butternut squash is the
         BEST BUYS                 cheapest option in hard winter squash, corn, plum tomatoes are the best value in the
                                                tomato section for 25lbboxes, grape tomatoes and green zucchini. If you need a larger
                                                size green zucchini for grilling buy the 40lb crate zucchini. They are always large and
                                                much cheaper than the medium or fancy size 20lb cases.  In fruit use blackberries,
                                                cantaloupes, clementines, figs, kiwi, lemons, oranges, pineapples and strawberries.