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Spring Harvest


This week we experienced some temperatures that were colder than usual for this time of year. Luckily it didn’t get cold enough to do any major damage to our local crops. We are hoping that that sort of thing is done so we can look forward to a healthy crop of locally grown produce to relieve us of the pricing nightmare that is occurring in drought stricken California. We are seeing prices on broccoli, cauliflower, celery, leaf lettuce, snow peas, sugar snap peas and swiss chard that are higher than ever. Citrus fruit is also extremely expensive with the exception of limes. Grapefruit, lemons and oranges are typically more expensive at this time of year but this year the prices are exponentially high. The latest reports are that there will be no recovery from this  drought situation this summer. The winter was way too warm in California and they had record low snowfalls in the mountain regions. Apparently that snowfall is imperative to their water situation and it is impossible to recover quickly. Maybe this will motivate someone to figure out how to make use of the gigantic ocean that they have along their western border – I suppose to desalinate ocean water is more difficult than it appear.


Iceberg and romaine remain the cheapest options in lettuce – that is if you don’t count the prewashed and chopped product because that is by far the most reasonably priced. All tomatoes are cheap and especially our local hothouse grown varieties including both grape and cherry tomatoes. Strawberries are a fantastic bargain right now and the quality is excellent. They are large size, have great red colour and are very sweet so take advantage of them with blackberries as well which are the next best value in berries.


Asparagus, english cucumbers, radicchio, 11lb boxes of both red and yellow peppers, all tomatoes, 20lb cases of pre-washed and chopped iceberg lettuce, both green and yellow zucchini. In the fruit section use blackberries, strawberries, both golden and red delicious apples, kiwi, mangos, pineapples and watermelons.

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The large green varieties of this popular tree fruit are known as “Persian” or “Tahiti”. They are most often seen wedged onto the side of your drinking glass. Just be the first person to identify it to win!